Facebook Joins the NASDAQ-100 (While RIM Gets Ditched)

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The NASDAQ-100 is a stock market index which tracks the performance of the largest non-financial companies in the world. Yawn. But every year, it gets a little reshuffle to keep it fresh and relevant—and the changes can be rather telling.

NASDAQ has just announced how its index will change in 2013, and the shuffle is a telling barometer of successes and failures in the tech industry. Newly public, Facebook will now be on the index, despite controversey surrounding its IPO earlier this year. At the other end of the scale, RIM is off the list—further confirmation that the company is circling the drain.


Perhaps more surprising is the fact that Neflix is also being removed from the list. That's in fact a hangover from the company's 2011 decision to split DVD rental and streaming plans, which gave the appearance of a struggle. In reality, its streaming service has seen a huge uptake this year—so it shouldn't take the news to heart too much. [NASDAQ via The Next Web via Verge]

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RIM is fucking up because they didn't pay close attention to the shift in the public's wants. They have the engineers and talent to create devices that people would want to buy, but their public relations must be terrible if they aren't able to see what the consumer is hungry for at the moment.