Facebook May Be Built Into iOS 6

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Facebook was once rumored to be built into iOS 4 but that never happened. And then when iOS 5 came around, it was Twitter that got the integration nod and not Facebook. But now it looks like third time's the charm because TechCrunch is reporting that Facebook will finally be integrated into iOS 6.

What does that exactly mean? Well, no one knows yet. Judging by what Apple did with Twitter, it seems like integrating Facebook to iOS 6 means that iPhone users would be able to post and share stuff to Facebook from core iOS apps like Safari and photos. Also, it'd presumably make handling permissions on what can access your Facebook account much easier and fluid (the current method is a clunky web page). Makes a lot of sense! Hopefully we'll find out at WWDC. [TechCrunch]

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Right now the facebook app is really slow. I thought it was my phone, but plenty of other iphone users seem to be experiencing the same slowness.