Facebook Picks an iPod

After weighing all of the GB options and touchscreens versus scroll wheels, we're still not completely sure which iPod or iPhone to get yet, but those profile-happy kids over at Facebook seem to know. With a commanding 31% of the votes the iPod touch is the victor this time around. Although that doesn't tell you the whole story does it? Now for the poll breakdown.


• By Gender•

While the iPod Touch did win in overall votes, women actually preferred the iPod nano more. The tiny competitor received 32% of their votes. And the poor shuffle, no matter what gender, only picked up 4% of the votes with either sex.

• By Age•

With the 13-17, 18-24 and 25-34 crowds all favoring the iPod touch, there seems to be a trend going on here. Although the aging Facebook'ers, 35-49, gave the finger to the iPod Touch (Get it? The Finger. Touch. Sorry-BL) and heralded two new winners, the iPod nano and the iPhone both coming in with 30% of the geriatric vote.




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