You Can Finally Choose Custom Gender Options on Facebook

For the many who identify as neither male nor female, Facebook has finally heard you. Starting today, those using Facebook in U.S. English will be able to select a custom gender field with no less than 10 different identification terms.

Done in collaboration with GLAAD, the new feature doesn't just let you identify as transgender, androgynous, genderqueer, etc. (the entire list can be seen below); you can also adjust your entire Facebook experience, choosing how you'd like to be referred to throughout the entire site. You can even adjust which friend lists are able to see your profile's gender field in the first place.


While the options are, of course, not yet wholly comprehensive in terms of how those in the transgender and gender nonconforming communities identify, Facebook is still working with LGBT groups to further expand and improve how the site expresses its users' various gender identities. To see how to manage your custom gender settings, head on over to Facebook's updated help page here. [GLAAD]

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