If you head over to your Facebook Apps Settings page, you'll be shocked to know how many useless apps you've got attached to your account. My account, for instance, is hooked up to 448 apps (there's something called "are u in love?!?!? <3" in there). Luckily, Facebook just revamped this page to help you easily banish the cruft.

The new layout makes it easier to manage app permissions as well as delete the apps you don't use anymore. You can also toggle personalization with one click (this turns off the stuff like displaying reviews from your Facebook friends when you, say, log in to Amazon), and control the privacy settings for things you post using old Facebook mobile apps that don't have an inline audience selector (mostly outdated versions of Facebook for Blackberry).


Facebook has been making lots of changes to streamline its privacy controls in the last few weeks, so this is a welcome move. [Inside Facebook]

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