Fake Aura Slaps On Fake Louis Vuitton For Ultimate Tackiness

Illustration for article titled Fake Aura Slaps On Fake Louis Vuitton For Ultimate Tackiness

In case the Aura, Motorola's 2008 luxury phone, didn't scream nouveau-riche enough, some Chinese counterfeiters have decked their version out in a Louis Vuitton skin.


Fake LV Aura eschews its pricey inspiration's circular display for a standard square one and we're guessing its specs aren't even close to the already middling 2-megapixel camera, 2GB internal memory, 400 hour stand by time of the real Aura.

But that one's still $2000 (and you can't resell it), while this one's about $113. And if you're going to have a phone that tells people "I care about looks more than anything!" you might as well drop the illusion that you have any class at all. [shanzhaiji]


Purple Dave

Stuff like this is for people who are making a statement about how they can afford to have a complete and utter lack of taste. I helped out on an episode of Extreme Makeover Home Edition last year, and at the unveiling there was some froofy balding guy in the VIP section who was wearing these spastically tacky sunglasses that had designer logos the size of postage stamps on the temples, and a leather jacket that looked like the sort that you can only wear indoors without damaging it. If I hadn't gone about 30 hours on 4 hours sleep, I would have been very tempted to point at him and laugh out loud. With my hat off, so he'd be able to see that I have a naturally full head of hair.