Illustration for article titled Fake Aura Slaps On Fake Louis Vuitton For Ultimate Tackiness

In case the Aura, Motorola's 2008 luxury phone, didn't scream nouveau-riche enough, some Chinese counterfeiters have decked their version out in a Louis Vuitton skin.


Fake LV Aura eschews its pricey inspiration's circular display for a standard square one and we're guessing its specs aren't even close to the already middling 2-megapixel camera, 2GB internal memory, 400 hour stand by time of the real Aura.


But that one's still $2000 (and you can't resell it), while this one's about $113. And if you're going to have a phone that tells people "I care about looks more than anything!" you might as well drop the illusion that you have any class at all. [shanzhaiji]

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