Fake George Lucas Reveals His Secret Formulas

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No-one loves Star Wars quite as much as SuperShadow. Who is SuperShadow? Well, according to his website, he's "one of the world's premier documentary film makers. SuperShadow specializes in films about the paranormal, cryptozoology (the study of unknown creatures) and extraterrestrials." But he's also created an exhaustingly-extensive website dedicated not only to the six George Lucas movies themselves, but also the plans that he and an entirely fictional George Lucas have to make the Star Wars television series together. There are also unreal interviews with Fake George, and most excitingly of all, the "Star Wars Secret Plot Formula" used to write all of the movies to date. We had to find out more.

So you didn't know that there was a Plot Formula used to create the movies? Well, that's because it's Secret, obviously. But Fake George Lucas doesn't care about sharing it, as he explains elsewhere on the site:

I don't really care if the Star Wars and Indiana Jones plot formula shatters your perception of my film works. It really doesn't matter if Shadow reveals all the secrets of how I create my films. The readers of SuperShadow.com are, by far, the most loyal Star Wars fans on the planet. You have all made SS.com into the most popular Star Wars web site. You all need to relax a little and enjoy the moment. This is the best time to ever be alive. We exist at the absolutely most promising time in history. You should always remember how special we really are.


Strong words indeed, not-the-real George Lucas. And with each shocking revelation of the Plot Formula shattering your perceptions - including such unexpected secret ideas as "9) The heroes blow something up," "23) Characters ride on something usually an animal" or "42) In each film, an important fact or thing is revealed to the good guys" (Also unmissable: "73) Immense, nearly unlimited wealth" followed by "74) No wealth"... How does Lucas come up with it?) - SuperShadow's website really does do its best to make you realize that this is the absolutely most promising time in history.

Flickr image by Long Live The Fighters.

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