Fake Steve Jobs on Android: "It's Not a Phone, It's an Alliance"

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Fake Steve's lengthy stream of bile laying waste to the Google Phone isn't simply pure invective, it's actually a mostly well-reasoned indictment of coalitions that trumpets the values of "one vision, one man, one genius." It's worth reading in its entirety, but this is our favorite quote:

The only companies that join consortia are the ones who are too stupid or shitty to make a great product on their own. It's like, Hey, we've got forty spazzo companies that can't fuck their way out of a paper bag; let's put them all together and maybe they'll magically become some kind of big bad powerhouse.


There are, of course, numerous cons to the singular "hand of God" approach, but the problems with consortia that FSJ lays out are real. It's hard for everyone to agree, and rarely do all involved push for the "greater good" at their individual expense. It might be different this time around, but with so much at stake, martyrs for the Alliance probably won't exactly be lining up. And oh yeah, there's no phone to wrap our hands around yet. [FSJ via Daring Fireball]

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golferal - pataflaflas FTW

Methinks the FSJ is feeling the RSJ's fear.

One thing that pisses me off about Apple is their notion that they know better and do their best to make the users of Apple products use it the way Apple thinks it should be used. A perfect example: the one button mouse. Every time I use a Macbook I am infuriated by mousepad with only only one button. God dammit, I want two f**king buttons! Get it? TWO!

But I digress. Apple should be scared. Fanboyism will not save them from the gPhone, and if one of them looks anything like the "Dream", the iPhone is screwed.