Fastap On Major US Carrier Fall '07

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Even though Fastap's been around for a while, no major carrier—don't kid yourself Alltel—has it. Digit Wireless tells us besides launching on a major Mexican carrier next week, a major US carrier has plans to deploy a Fastap phone this Fall. Of course, they wouldn't tell us which carrier, but the phone shown above is CDMA—and they've already got Alltel connections—so we're guessing Verizon or Sprint.


Digit also says that after deploying phones with Fastap, a small US carrier had their traffic numbers increase 97%. So it seems people really do like Fastap, even though it's not quite as fast as we thought. One thing to note: it's up to the OEM to decide whether they want to arrange the Fastap keys in alphabetical or qwerty. It's capable of both.

Digit Wireless

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