FastMac Truepower Indestructible iBook and Powerbook Charger Hands-On

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We got our hands on FastMac's replacement AC adapter for Apple iBooks and PowerBooks and can say that they're pretty much as good as the standard. Ignoring the dubious benefit of being able to be kicked and run over by an SUV (which you can see after the jump), they actually work quite well.


Using it on a G4 iBook (whose battery was replaced last year in that recall), it took about three hours for it to charge from empty to full. That's pretty much the same as the official charger.

The only difference is that the official ones from Apple cost $79, and the one from FastMac costs $35. And there's no orange/green glowing ring where the charger connects to indicate whether it's still charging or already full. But if you can live with the fact that the chargers look a bit more "PC" than "Apple," these are the way to go.


Product Page [Fastmac]

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If I was a geek (actually I am), I would NEVER EVER buy a Mac and I buy replacement brick for my BULK notebook just by saying the tension and current to the man in the electronic parts shop.

Get it straight your a masochist, not a geek ;-)

And while Im sure there are a few left, I'd be damned if I knew of even a fly by night notebook manufacturer who still used a generic power adapter for their machines. Just about every one of them has a proprietary cable end these days. Even shopping for a replacement brick you typically have to order up a special connector for your particular machine (or worse in the case of some Sony's, Apples, and Dells your particular model)