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Favreau on Avengers Movie: "It Might Be A Failure"

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Even though he's still working on Iron Man 2, director Jon Favreau can't help but worry about Marvel Studio's Avengers movie, and whether or not the superhero mash-up will be accepted by audiences growing sick of superheroes.

Talking to Ireland Online, Favreau - one of the producers of the 2012 movie - said,

'The Avengers' might be the thing that helps rescue us from the inevitable sequel slump that you get into, because you're throwing everything on its ear. It might be a failed experiment or it might be something wonderful, but it allows you to add complexity in an organic way where you're culminating with something bigger, as opposed to trying to play out and not repeat the same story over and over again.


Well, until you're stuck with making Avengers 2, of course.

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