FCC Ramping Up Web Security After iPad Breach and Google Street View Wi-Fi Snooping

Unlike you guys, the FCC is taking the iPad security breach a little more seriously. The two high profile issues are causing the FCC to step up their scrutiny of online security and privacy issues. They're calling the iPad breach a "classic security breach" and have put cyber security on high priority through their Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau. For Google's Wi-Fi snooping, the FCC says it serves as a reminder that unencrypted Wi-Fi networks are too vulnerable and recommend you read the FCC's guide to wireless safety. We say kudos to the FCC for caring about us more than we care about ourselves. [FCC]



To be fair, nothing Google did was at all an invasion of privacy. I'm allowed to walk down the street with my phone and notice all the available wifi networks. They just walked down every street.

At least, lumping it in with the iPad breach (even though that is overblown, too) isn't fair to Big G.