Feast your eyes on a rare lunar rainbow — against the Northern Lights!

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If ever there existed some sort of critical threshold of awesome that nature photos were required to abide by, I'm pretty sure this picture would blow it right out of the sky. (Click here for a hi-res version.)

In the foreground flows Iceland's 200-foot-tall Skógafoss waterfall — but the spray from the falls has become illuminated by the beams of an intensely bright full moon, giving rise to a rare sight known as a moonbow, or lunar rainbow (no sunlight direct sunlight in this photo, folks). And to top it all off, in the background there are green streaks of aurorae dancing across a star-studded night sky.

I think it's high time I moved to Iceland.

This mind-blowing scene was captured last month by landscape photographer Stévan Vetter, and is one of literally hundreds of absolutely incredible photographs of the Earth, sky, and Universe featured on his site. Do yourself a favor and check it out — like right now.


[Spotted on NASA]