Selling plastic bags on the internet just might earn you a visit from the FBI. That's what happened on Wednesday to 91-year-old Sharlotte Hydorn from California, who sells "suicide kits" through the mail for $60. From The San Diego Union-Tribune:

A day after agents raided her El Cajon-area house, seizing a sewing machine and other materials tied to the mail-order operation, Sharlotte Hydorn vowed to fight any possible federal charges.

"Do I look like a criminal?" said a smiling Hydorn, standing outside her Jeri Way home.


She and her son assemble the $60 kits, which include clear, medical-grade tubing and a customized plastic bag that, when used with helium, can cause a person to pass out and die.


Helium not included. The only crime I see here is selling a plastic bag and hose for $60. Okay, so you also get a copy of the book Final Exit, and the bag is "customized," but seriously, what a rip off.