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Feeling Down? Dial the Hall and Oates Hotline

Illustration for article titled Feeling Down? Dial the Hall and Oates Hotline

The holidays can be tough. The stress of strained finances. Getting felt up at the airport on your way to be ridiculed by your family. Fortunately, there's someone you can call. Actually two people you can call, Hall and Oates.


Dial "Callin' Oates" 719-26-OATES (719-266-2837) to be given the option of listening to one of four glorious Hall and Oates songs. The Emergency Hall and Oates Hotline options are as follows:

Press 1 to hear One on One
Press 2 to hear Rich Girl
Press 3 to hear Maneater
Press 4 to hear Private Eyes


The Verge talked to the creators of the hotline. If I didn't already have these songs on my iPhone, I'd be using up all those roll over minutes. [Slate]

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OMG! Toast!

Feeling down? Go to and select 'I Am Under 21'

You won't regret it.