Fender's Tiny Personal Amp Could Recreate Classic Tones

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Portable or practice amps are a guitarist’s best friend. These tiny devices usually plug right into your guitar and let you listen to the audio without waking the neighbors or the baby in the next room. Fender, for its part, has made it easier to get great tone out of a box the size of a few packs of gum.

The Mustang Micro is a $100 amplifier with a standard 1/4-inch jack on one end. It charges via USB and outputs to a 3.5mm headphone jack. You can stream Bluetooth audio to the device so you can play along to what’s playing in your headphones and it includes an on-board sound processor to add amplifier tones from the Mustang GTX. You can also connect the device to a USB cable and record audio to your computer, turning this into an interesting way to sketch out songs.

The Mustang GTX amp is Fender’s electronic amplifier with 200 presets that range from rock to blues to country. These amps, which became a popular alternative to single-use foot pedal effects, let you sound like anyone from BB King to Nine Inch Nails, guitar talent permitting.


It lasts for four hours on one charge and will ship this April.

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Fritz O' The Ham

I love the idea of this. However as someone who owned an early Line6 modeling amp that was said to “recreate all the amazing amps of old”.

Perhaps its just my non-audiophile ears, but honestly, all the different settings eventually just started to sound more or less the same.

Admittedly this was 20something years ago, so technology may have advanced since then, but I’ve yet to hear anything solid state that matches the sound of a good old tube amp.