Ferrari's New Driving Simulator Generates More Horsepower Than a Small Sedan

While a majority of those people playing Gran Turismo will never race a Civic, let alone the supercars featured therein, you can bet 100% of the people "playing" Ferrari's new racing rig will end up on the track some day.


This is because Ferrari's 200-ton racing simulator is designed to throw as realistic a simulation as possible at the drivers, who will eventually sit behind the wheel of a real, live Formula 1 race car.

The rig is comprised of 10 computers, sporting 60GB of RAM. The hydraulics it uses to simulate motion generate force equal to 174 horsepower—a whopping 34 more than the current Civic I just mentioned in my lame lead-in joke above.

A 180-degree track view is displayed to the driver using five 3D video monitors. Real engine and track sounds are pumped into the cockpit via a 3,500 watt Dolby surround sound system. This thing is unsurprisingly not available to the public and that geeky image at the top of the page is all Ferrari is giving up for now. [Jalopnik, Gizmag via DVICE]


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