Fiery Red PEBL (?)

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Looks like we missed this one on Sunday, but Motorola seems to have released a Fiery Red PEBL "for the ladies." It was supposed to be a Valentine's Day promotion, so we're not sure if this will appear pressed against the ear of short girls in furry boots and huge sunglasses around the world this March.

Fiery Red PEBL for Valentines

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Oh, yeah, I got me one!! It's actually been out for at least a couple of months. Lives up to whatever hype you want to throw at it. May not have been a Valentine's promotion, but I'm still in love.....(Awwwwwww.) Has that velvety tactile skin and a deep, rich, vaguely iridescent black cherry color. Camera, calculator, and a very user-friendly menu of options. Damn, I am smitten. Now, if only Cupid was on my network...