Fighting Crime with Lime Juice and Marbles

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In the trailer for his superhero comedy Defendor, Woody Harrelson plays a regular guy who one day dons a superhero persona and fights crime. While they may not fit in Batman's utility belt, he has some inventive crime-fighting tools.


Defendor, Peter Stebbings' directorial debut, is cut more from the same cloth of Kick-Ass, Matthew Vaughn's upcoming film about an average kid who puts on a superhero costume, than Special, about a man whose antidepressants cause him to believe he has superpowers. But Defendor has a very different tone from Kick-Ass, and is less about the gleeful joys of living out one's comic book fantasies than it is about one man using a superhero identity to right the wrongs in his life. Harrelson plays Arthur Poppington, the man who becomes Defendor in order to bring to justice Captain Industry, a drug and weapons dealer he blames for his mother's death.

The folks at Twitch watched Defendor's premiere at the Toronto Independent Film Festival last night, and reported that the film is not only smart and funny, but contains a surprising amount of depth. Check out the trailer below:

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