It was an endearing symbol of the ‘60s, but the iconic Volkswagen Van has since becomes a sought-after and expensive collectible. And while you can’t quit your job and drive across the country in this VW Van cooler, it’s a slightly cheaper way to dodge grown-up responsibilities—at least for a weekend.


A two-feet long telescoping handle lets you drive the cooler to wherever refreshment’s needed, while its four eight-inch rubber tires should easily traverse everything from grassy parks, to wooden decks, to sandy beaches. The cooler has enough capacity to hold up to 24 16-ounce bottles plus ice, while a drainage hole hidden near the back bumper makes it easy to empty when the party’s over.

The detailing is fantastic, right down to the big silver VW crest on the front of the miniature van. But at $500 only ‘the man’ could ever hope to afford a cooler this swanky, not the average hippy. [Hammacher Schlemmer]

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