The whole point of the Hulkbuster is that it’s a suit that goes over Iron Man (well, that’s secondary to the point of it punching the Hulk, but you know what I mean) but so few of the myriad Hulkbuster toys have let you put a full Iron Man figure inside them. At last, King Art’s glorious Hulkbuster toy is changing that.

As far as I know, only the Lego Hulkbuster and Hot Toy’s adorable “Cosbaby” Buster have attempted to stuff an Iron Man toy inside, but King Art’s 1/9 scale Hulkbuster is the only one to attempt it on a sort of realistic scale. And by realistic, I mean holy cow this thing is big.


Clocking in at 16” inches tall, King Arts’ fully articulated Hulkbuster has LED’s in its head, eyes and chest like so many before it, and it of course looks fabulous and shiny as it’s diecast rather than plastic. But its uniqueness comes in the fact that you can fully open up the chest of the suit and slot in one of King Arts’ other 1/9 scale Iron Man figures (and of course, they just so happen to have a Mk. 43 Iron Man to go with it) and close it back up. Sure, you won’t see it, but there’s an Iron Man in there! As there should be!

But here’s the catch, as ever with these awesome toys: Not only is the Hulkbuster hugely expensive at a whopping $650, but that price doesn’t include an Iron Man figure. Oh no, that 8” tall little fella will set you back an extra $190. $840 for an awesome Iron Man inside another Iron Man Suit? Good lord, my poor wallet.


If you want a Hulkbuster, and the Iron Man to go with it, you can preorder them here and here ahead of arrivals early next year.

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