Finally: A Slim and Simple iPhone Money Clip

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Merging their phone and wallet is the dream of those with limited pocket space. And now iPhone users in that same predicament don't have to settle for a chunky case with card slots thanks to this easy-to-install minimalist money clip.

There is some-assembly-required with the $33 Poddities clip, but all you need to do is use the included micro tool to remove the two screws from the bottom of the iPhone, place the clip over the dock connector, and then secure it with the longer screws included in the kit. As long as you're not a complete klutz, it should take mere minutes, granting your iPhone the power to hold cash and cards without getting uglied-up in the process.

Now there have been cases where hotel room keys have been erased when kept too close to a cellphone. But the magnetic strip used in those cheap plastic cards is considerably less dense and resilient than the strips used for credit and debit cards. And as the Mythbusters discovered when debunking the myth that eel skin wallets could erase a swipe card, the magnetic force actually needed to do any kind of damage to a credit card is far beyond what the iPhone could ever muster. [Strapya World via The Gadgeteer]