Finally, A Way To Put 3D TV To Good Use

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A recently successful Kickstarter to make "the world's first augmented television" might finally put 3D TV to good use, transforming your home screen into what the developers call "a Minority Report-like experience."


The device—with a pretty ungainly name, the SeeSpace InAiR—is plug and play using nothing but WiFi and an HDMI cable. Once up and running, the InAir "intelligently identifies what you are watching on TV, automatically gathers relevant Internet and social content, and then processes and places these layers of Web information in front of your TV screen in real time, on demand. InAiR can use the vast amount of readily available free content on the Internet to enrich your viewing experience at launch."

The available demo reel will feel pretty useless if you're not viewing it in HTML5, but here it is:

These newly available data layers "appear to be positioned in front of the screen and can be dynamically manipulated by the viewer. These foreground layers of information appear to be holograms, and floating 'in air.'"

You can thus check out blog posts or more in-depth reviews about the very show you're watching, or you can read up (or view) the larger context, all automagically pulled from social media and the web, effectively making your TV into an intelligent 3D browser.

But what do you think? Are there are other, better ways to take advantage of home 3D? Either way, this is an interesting start.[Kickstarter]



Fuck Kickstarter. I'm not going anywhere close to them now they were hacked.