Finally, an iPhone Case That Provides Extra Storage Space

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Many of us have been there. You want to take a beautiful picture of a beautiful thing with your iPhone and up pops a very ugly alert: "Cannot Take Photo." Storage full. And without a memory card slot, you can't exactly add more. Until now.

Mophie, the makers of those handy battery pack cases, just unveiled the world's first smartphone case with built-in storage for iPhone 5 and 5S. Want more storage? Just plug your phone into mophie's 16-gigabyte ($150) or 32-gigabyte ($180) space pack to double or triple your iPhone's capacity. An accompanying app, Space, makes it easy to manage files, movies, music, photos, etc. You can even move your entire Camera Roll to the space pack to make more room for apps and whatnot on your iPhone. Because everything is saved on the physical pack, there's no need to be connected to the data network to access your files. (Note: It also works as a battery pack!)


The mophie space pack goes on sale March 14. It's not cheap, but it is your only non-cloud-based option for expanding your storage space once you've bought your phone. It also opens up the possibility of owning a 96-gigabyte iPhone which is, well, spacious.