Finally, Well-Designed Pipes For the Discerning Stoner

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The design associated with smoking weed has heretofore been confined to a room draped in tie-dye tapestries with swirling blown-glass bongs glittering beneath the blacklight glow of a Phish poster. No longer.


It’s Friday afternoon, you’ve made it through the long week, and it’s time for Happy Hour, Gizmodo’s weekly booze, etc. column. A cocktail shaker full of innovation, science, and herbal medication.

Tetra is a tightly curated online store of objects that elevate the pot-smoking experience. The assortment of ashtrays, lighters and pipes are selected by design journalists Monica Khemsurov, Su Wu, and Eviana Hartman, who seek out contemporary and vintage pieces, some by notable designers and custom-made for the site. Or if you’re not the toking type, there are plenty of other THC-free pieces, like incense burners, to help you achieve similarly chill vibes. (Tetra’s founders can’t actually say that these goods are for smoking Mary Jane, or ship these products legally to a handful of states, but I think it’s obvious that you put your weed in it.)

In addition to its online store, Tetra is having pop-up shops in LA, NYC, and SF over the next few weeks

The decriminalization of marijuana has certainly removed much of the stigma around weed but it’s puzzling why the cheap paraphernalia that surrounds the experience is still lagging when it comes to design. While no one would proudly display their plastic vape pen on a shelf, you wouldn’t be ashamed to leave these accessories like a copper rolling tray on a coffee table.

Sure, these goods help sophisticated smokers surround themselves with objects that more fully integrate with the rest of their well-designed lifestyles, but they’re also helping to normalize weed as, you know, something you might casually enjoy in your living room on a Friday night.




Mad Cow Tipper Gore Vidal Sassoon

Reminds me of my old Tattoo from 20 years ago. That was a nice pipe. Smooth as can be, and I'd bet it didn't get nearly as hot as these do.