Find Someone Who Looks at You Like Mark Zuckerberg Looks at Vin Diesel

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On Sunday, Mark Zuckerberg interviewed Vin Diesel on Facebook Live before they took the stage together at the Breakthrough Awards—Silicon Valley’s own sort of Nobel prize-Oscars hybrid, which gave $25 million to scientists this year.

Clearly a fan, Zuck excitedly asked the action star about topics ranging from science to his tuxedo to Triple X, enthralled by the lure of Vin’s power.

I can only hope to one day find someone who looks at me like Zuck looks at Vin, the excited smile he can’t help but let out, the warmth and hope emanating from his entire being.


“When we first met, one of the things that struck me about you is how authentically a geek you were. And I say that as a geek myself with love in my heart,” Zuck cooes. Vin smiles back, gentle, amused. “And that is one of the highest compliments I feel I am qualified to confer to another person.”

Vin laughs.

Zuck gets a dreamy look in his eyes, “You told me all these stories about how when you were growing up and going through school, you were really into math and science and computers.” Mark just wants to connect, you see. (So do I, sweet Zuck.) He asks his friend how his childhood interest in science plays into his acting.

As Vin answers, Mark can’t help but unleash another giant grin. You might be able to fake the news, but that connection between Mark and Vin, you can’t fake that. It’s real, it’s raw—and for that, I am grateful.

Eve Peyser was the night editor at Gizmodo.

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The people I keep chained in my basement sort of look at me like that when I bring them food.