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Firefly Novel from Steven Brust is Action-Packed and Fun

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Firefly fans and the Browncoats at Whedonesque are rejoicing this week because they have a free ebook set in the Firefly universe from author Steven Brust. Yes, My Own Kind of Freedom is today's lunchtime reading (and, depending on how quickly you read, possibly tomorrow's and the next day's too).

Brust, best known for his fantasy/scifi Dragaeran series, has done a great job capturing the humor and out-West action feel of the series. I was grabbed immediately by the opening scene, where Wash makes lame jokes while plunging into the atmosphere of a planet and Mal worries about their mysterious job. And there are are hints that we may get some Kaylee/Simon action, too. As the fans are saying, "Squee!" Download it now — it's CC-licensed, which makes everything taste better. Firefly novel [Steven Brust]