Adjustable Firehose Swings Turn the World Into a Playground

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Sitting is fantastic, but benches are boring. Imagine if the world was just littered with hammocks and swings for your own extravagant public lounging pleasure. These clever transforming swings could make that a blissfully lazy reality.


The brainchild of Amsterdam-based designers Jair Straschnow and Gitte Nygaard, "Off-Ground" is a series of customizable swings that can accomidate a whole spectrum of loafing including sitting, swooping, and laying down. All you have to do is move the ends of the recycled firehose seat and move them between the frame's different notches depending on exactly how seriously you intend to relax.


The public installation made its leisurely debut in Copenhagen this summer, but they should be everywhere; I'm pretty tired of weird looks I get squeezing into those diaper-shaped kiddie swings. [Designboom]

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I love how they are adjustable (note the notches on the top of the frame). I hope someone has placed a sign on it that says to use them at your own risk, or some drunk idiot will fall off and hurt himself and sue and these will be removed.