First Look: Boston Apple Store Uncovered

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Here's the first look at the new largest Apple Store in the U.S, courtesy of John Sheehy. Last time we saw the glass mammoth, it was covered up in an unsightly green sheet. Upon viewing this pic, you're expected to fall to your knees, shed an awe-inspired tear, and proceed to the nearest Apple Store — where you will buy large amounts of Apple gear. [Thanks, John]


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Except for the fact that Apple stores these days are always frikkin' packed.

I've been going to the Chestnut Hill store after moving to Brookline, but the # of ppl/sq. ft. there in the last year or so has been ridiculous. Although the prime locale of this Boylston store will definitely draw in more customers per day, it just might be big enough so that the population density would be much more tolerable; in which case I will switch my preferred Apple Store location ;-)