First person view of a firefighter fighting fire is so intense

There are few job descriptions (hell, the job description is in the job title) as terrifying as being a firefighter. When things are burning, you run there. When something catches on fire, it’s your job to put it out. When fire is thrown at you, you have to stare it down. It’s just crazy. And though it’s not like the old days anymore, it’s not always rescuing cats from trees. Just check out this first person view of firefighters from Victorville, California responding to a structure fire.


The San Bernardino County Fire Department writes:

Firefighters from the City of Victorville responded to a reported Structure fire in the 15800 Block of La Paz Drive, in Victorville. Upon arrival, SBCoFD companies found a single story home well involved with one additional home catching fire. Firefighters engaged in an aggressive coordinated attack with hose lines and vertical ventilation, knocking the fire down in 30 minutes. Residents were outside prior to arrival and accounted for. Firefighters did a search to confirm no one was inside. One large dog was found in the search and was reunited with his owners. A total of 3 adults and 4 kids were displaced as a result of the fire. Red Cross was called to arrange for temporary housing, clothing and to assist with medications. Fire cause and origin is under investigation by San Bernardino County Fire Investigators.

5 Engines, 1 Truck Company, and a Battalion Chief responded to the accident. Damages are estimated at $150,000.

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What are the holes in the roof for? I’m guessing ventilation or something, but what’s the advantage for the fire / firefighters to have holes in the roof like that? So smoke can escape, perhaps?