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First Review of the US-spec Nokia N95 Reconfirms Its POW

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Joe Brown at Wired got the first US Spec'd Nokia N95 superphone and confirms that the update smooths away the primary flaws. HSDPA now works with US bands, tested to download at 699Kbps on AT&T's network. Bumping the 128MB of RAM to 160MB takes away all traces of lag, too.

It still has the A-GPS, maps, the 5MP Carl Zeiss camera, and all the other goodies. Yet, photos are not quite as good as the ones on the old one, and at the risk of being unfair, it still lacks a QWERTY still. (By design or not, when a phone has this many functions, you don't want to deal with T9.) This means two things: It is finally a real iPhone competitor...again? And B) the American who bought the first edition of the N95 less than 6 months ago just got screwed big time. Your loyalty has just been punished. [Wired]