First trailer for Syfy's Defiance shows a brave new Earth

Here it is, the first real look at actual footage from Syfy's ambitious new multimedia series called Defiance. Set in the near future after a massive war has leveled most of our planet (you can see the folks of old Saint Louis putting up a new version of the arch) Defiance follows a lawman in a brand new world.


Trying to keep the peace in an alien refugee filled town, with plenty of bumpy-headed creatures to pal around with, Jeb Nolan (Grant Bowler) is ready to kick a little alien ass in order to keep the peace. Even though we're only getting a glimpse of Defiance for now, it certainly looks like a lot of fun. More importantly, this could be the serious scifi drama Syfy has been lacking since BSG ended. Here's hoping, at least.

The show is going to air in April of 2013, along with a massive MMO game that will impact the actual TV series as players advance in the game. Here's the (very complicated) synopsis:

The series is set in the near future, where aliens known collectively as Votans have come to Earth seeking a new home after their solar system was destroyed. However, when they reached Earth they discovered that despite a prolonged negotiation with the government on Earth they were not welcome. Rather than turn away, they began a war with the humans as they are determined to make Earth their new home. During the war, the Votans drop terraformers on the planet and transform the surface of the planet; scorching the earth, opening chasms in the ground and covering the surface of the planet in dust and debris. After decades of war, a ceasefire is declared when both side realise that they must focus on survival on this new almost alien planet. The series largely revolves around the character of Jeb Nolan. Jeb was only ten years old when the Votans arrived and he served in the military during the war. With the war now over, he returns to his hometown of St Louis to find that its is no longer the city he left; it is little more than refugee camp. Deciding that his services are needed, Jeb takes up a position as the Chief Lawkeeper in Defiance, so he can protect the town from dangerous clashes between humans and aliens, military scavengers and others dangerous visitors who occasionally enter the town.



Don't get me wrong, this looks amazingly fun, but the group of survivors led by a white alpha male is getting a bit old. When will we see on tv a show where either women or minorities are in charge. Why does it always have to be the white man who takes the heavy duty of leader and savior of a surviving community?