First trailer for "The Con Of Wrath" a documentary about the most infamous Star Trek convention

The most notorious science fiction convention of all times might well be Houston's "Ultimate Fantasy" convention, now nicknamed "The Con of Wrath." When audience attendance plummeted, the convention's guests reached inside their own pockets to give the fans a show. Check out the first trailer for the documentary behind it directed by Star Trek aficionado Larry Nemecek.


From a press release:

The Con of Wrath: It was supposed to be the granddaddy of all Star Trek conventions, a glitzy rock concert of an event planned to truly go where none had gone before-complete with laser shows, orchestral oomph and a revolving stage in Houston's NBA-sized arena. Instead, fans got the mother of all meltdowns-and, numbering in the hundreds, rather than thousands, gave it the nickname that itself was a takeoff on "The Wrath of Khan," the hit Star Trek movie sequel released only days before.

"It's a universal ‘riches to rags to riches' story," Nemecek says. "There have been big fan conventions, and big convention failures, but never anything like it before or since. When turnout numbered in the hundreds, not thousands… well, like a train wreck, it was almost impossible to look away. "

The legendary Star Trek cast proved to be heroes off the screen as well, after they all decided to stay and make a stand — joining staff, vendors, and fans from all over in making sure this show must go on, too.

"These circles within circles each reacted and dealt with the fiasco in their own way, not only surviving but salvaging the experience for those who were on hand," Nemecek says. "And along the way are a lot of great stories."

Looks like a compelling story — word has it the crew hopes to have the documentary finished by the 30th anniversary of the Ultimate Fantasy convention (around June of 2012). Find out more about the production at the Con of Wrath's website.

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