First Video of the Samsung I7500 Android Phone

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You saw the pictures, you read the spec sheet, and you heard the pitch. But how does Samsung's first Android phone look in motion, while interacting with a Real Live Human?


Fine! This video further vindicates Samsung's choice to design the I7500 in the tradition of their handsome SGH feature phones, rather than like the Instinct, a literal brick.


The inclusion of Android 1.5 "Cupcake" is no surprise, and nothing distinctly new is discovered, but the video does help give us the sense of where the I7500 will stand at launch. It'll fare well in the broader cellphone wars, because, well, it's a new, high-spec Android handset . In the smaller war against other Android-laden phones—basically a battle of hardware minutiae—it will fare equally well, with a comparatively attractive screen, storage and camera features. Disappointingly, this war's theater is European, so all we can do is watch. [Tinhte via Android Community via Slashphone] —Voiceover by Android Community

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LindsayJoy's MBP is into S+M

Considering it has the 850 and 900 gsm bands it sure seems "states ready".

As long as there are no crazy restrictions on using the app store, etc...I can see a fair amount of people buying and using this unlocked on T-Mo or ATT.