Fish Tank Bus Stop May Not Be Entirely Practical

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Wouldn't it be nice, while waiting for the bus, to have an aquarium full of fish to look at? At least for those first few days, until they die, at which point it'd get depressing.


This bus stop is a real design coming out of Brazil, dubbed "AqurioMania." Due to the ridiculous expenses involved with setting up a working aquarium outside at a bus stop and hiring people to keep the fish fed and the tank clean, I doubt it'll ever actually be used. But you've got to wonder what kind of graffiti this would attract. [Cubeme via The Design Blog]

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Or some random fuckhead might either smash the glass, or put something in there to poison the fish. I was working in a pet shop on Nassau street some years back, and some kid came in and dropped a couple of mothballs into the African cichlid tank. I'm surprised I didn't get fired for tossing him out. I wanted to dunk his head in the tank. If people can be so bold indoors, these animals wouldn't stand a chance out in the open.

Anyway, this is a stupid idea. No one is going to be at a bus stop for hours on end, so an animated aquarium that runs for 10 minutes or so on a continuous loop should do just fine.