Fisher Price Kid Tough Hi-Tech Toys

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As the saying goes, get 'em while they're young. Fisher Price's Kid Tough line of childproof gadgets includes a digital camera and a digital music player that only supports the company's proprietary FP3 format. (Sorry, no OGG Vorbis support here, OSS fanatics.) The camera has room for 60 pictures unless you decide to add a memory card. Far more interesting is the digital music player, however. It comes pre-loaded with six songs and two stories ("Mommy and Daddy's Spoiled Little Brat," maybe?). What's more, there's a Fisher Price Online Music Store, where mommy and daddy can purchase and download songs for their little bundle of joy to enjoy. There's enough room to rip 30 songs from your CD collection as well. Of course, Fisher Price hasn't revealed any pricing or availability details as of yet since that would be too convenient. Ah, to be a child in 2006. How lucky they have it: no blowing into cartridges to get your NES to work, no playing with your sister's Barbies because there's nothing else around, etc.

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