It's The Incredible Captain Iron Vision, God of Thunder! Age of Ultron's absurdly early merchandising machine continues, this time giving us this Frankenvenger mish-mash. Gaze upon it, and tremble!

The figure is part of a new range of 'Hero Mashers' from Hasbro, a line of articulated action figures that you can tear apart and piece back together into absurd creations of your own. It's like the ultimate comic book teamup, except characters are literally stitched together instead of just crossing over. Here's two of the figures in the line, Cap and Ultron (based on his comic look more so than his Spader-ified appearance in the movie) so you can see what they look like when they're not parts of a superheroic Voltron combination:


They look pretty nifty, but, this would kind of be more amusing if it had Hawkeye or Black Widow's head slapped on instead of Iron Man's helmet. Well, I say amusing, more like incredibly freaky to see a human's head on top of that thing, but there we go. Expect to be drowned in a sea of Avengers merchandise, including these guys, ahead of the movie's May release.

[Forbes via Toyark]

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