Flash For Android, WebOS Landing In October

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Adobe President and CEO Shantanu Naraye has pegged October 4–7 as the release Windows for a Flash 10 beta, which will bring official, optimized support to Android, WebOS, Windows Mobile, and Symbian. Notice anything missing there?


The dates correspond with the beginning and end of the Adobe MAX conference, where Naraye says the beta will first become available. The release will be a much bigger day for Android and WebOS, which, unlike WinMo and Symbian, don't have (decent) existing solutions for Flash video such as Skyfire or Bolt Browser, though it's not clear exactly how Adobe will approach optimization. Flash compatibility, as any N95 user can attest, isn't worth much when a simple YouTube video bring your phone to its knees.

As for the notably absent mention of iPhone development, we can only assume it's still happening, albeit at the same relaxed pace it's been sustaining since 2008. [Android Guys]



Thats cool, esp. cause yesterday I remember on another thread one of the commenters was defending apples lack of flash because neither android or the pre have it either, and therfore not really apples fault.