Fly Your Own UFO

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At first glance, you might mistake this as two-thirds of a six-pack ring. Then you'll see it take off flying, and wonder if you've had too much to drink. This four-ring contraption is really the X-UFO, a remote control hovercraft/UFO by Silverlit. It's made of lightweight carbon fiber and and EPP foam, and uses electric motors with a couple of rotating propellers and a gyroscope for stability. The X-UFO can fly up to 100m, and has one red and three blue LEDs (the lights are supposedly for orientation, but we know they're really to freak out your neighbors and have them running for cover). Too bad little green men aren't included. U.K. folks can get it from Firebox; no word on U.S. release date.

Silverlit X-UFO [Silverlit via Gadget Madness.