Footime Mouse Lets You Operate Your Mouse Hands-free, Not Feet-free

So, you're at your desk typing away, but what are your feet doing? If they're wandering about aimlessly, put them to work by investing in a Footime Mouse, which allows you to control your cursor by using feet-based gestures. Retailing at $199, the Footime Mouse could actually provide great functionality for those with physical disabilities, or alternatively, it could help the chronically bored dispose of some free time.


The package contains two units; the first straps onto your right foot and is used as the tracker, whilst the second has two rows of programmable buttons and a scroll wheel. Both of the units connect via USB and the gadget is Windows compatible only. One thing is for sure—you wouldn't want to take a sniff of the foot mouse after a hard day's web surfing, and what's the point of surfing the web if you can't have a good mouse sniff thereafter? [PC Watch]

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