For the Man Who Has Everything: Sony Blu-ray Jacket

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So that special someone in your life already owns Blu-ray and HD DVD. What else could you get them this Christmas? Some might say, hey, get him Blu-ray and HD DVD movies. But those some would be wrong, very wrong. Instead we have this to offer you, an "extremely rare" official Sony Blu-ray jacket.


Speculated to be a promotional item, the eBay seller believes that this jacket came from the birth canal of Sony itself. At first glance people will think you're just wearing an XL black leather jacket. But when they come a little closer—and they will, mind you, when you're wearing this sexy jacket—people will appreciate the Blu-ray logo stitched with class on the front along with the Sony logo dressing up the cuff.

Bidding starts at around $100. But trust us, the format wars never looked so sexy. [ebay] Thanks Ronald!

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