Ford Sync's "Do Not Disturb" Feature Can Block Calls And Texts While Driving

In MyFord-equipped cars, a "Do Not Disturb" button lets you block incoming calls and texts while driving. And since so many states are banning texting and calling while driving these days, it'll save you from the inevitable fines.



[The] "Do Not Disturb" button on new MyFord Touch-equipped vehicles allows drivers to better manage how they wish to communicate in the car, by enabling blocked incoming calls and texts; diverting calls into voicemail and saving texts to be read later; and employing lock-out features that encourage the use of voice control

Other features that aren't pertinent when driving, like actions that require a keyboard or photo browsing, get the boot too. Ford's goal is to keep your eyes on the road not on your phone, smart they are. If you still have to get your texts, MyFord has also integrated Bluetooth Message Access Profile (MAP) into their systems which will allow incoming texts to be read aloud over Bluetooth. Be careful about those sexts when carpooling, though.

The whole system works over Bluetooth through their Ford Sync technology and will be available in 2011 Ford Edge and Lincoln MKX models. [Ford YouTube]


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