Doesn't that look tranquil? Even those scared of flying would feel at ease, surrounded by all that water, and inside the hundreds of mini skylights. It's part of a concept brief for the transformation of their Hanimaadhoo Island airport.

Dreamed up by the Norwegian architectures Narud Stokke Wiig and UK agency Haptic, the island currently hosts a smaller domestic airport but will soon be revamped to make way for this stunning terminal.


Haptic described the design as having—

"The roof is formed as a timber diagrid structure with a lightweight, highly insulated skin. The terminal employs several passive design measures, from north facing rooflights and large roof overhangs, to minimise solar gain, to rainwater harvesting and roof mounted photovoltaics."

I love how all those sunlights dot sun patches across the floor. [Haptic via DesignBoom]