Forget Liquid Cooling, Try a Jet Engine

Illustration for article titled Forget Liquid Cooling, Try a Jet Engine

Keeping computers cool is becoming more of a challenge, forcing some hobbyists to fill their PCs with various liquids, and causing Google to build two four-story cooling towers for its new monster computer project in Oregon. HP engineers have a better idea. They've turned to tiny radio-controlled model jet airplane engines to cool server chassis. The electric-ducted fans (EDF) that power those way-cool model jets are just small enough to fit into some of HP's servers, and can move tremendous volumes of air.


But have you ever heard one of those radio controlled jets whining away at full tilt? It's a shrill scream that stays with you for a while, making you feel like you just sat through a couple of Grand Funk Railroad concerts in a row (for all you youngsters, that group is called "the loudest rock and roll band in the world"). A server cooled with one of those pocket rockets will have to be buried deep underground. Better get some nice long cables.

Cooling Computers with Tiny Jet Engines [Technology Review]


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