Foveon x3-Packing Sigma SD14 DSLR to Finally Ship

Ever since Sigma teased its upcoming SD14 digital SLR back in August and officially announced it a month later, we've been waiting around for the company to finally ship the $2000+ camera with that fancy Foveon x3 sensor inside. Sigma officials never did say why the camera's shipment was delayed, but now the company has announced it will begin selling the DSLR on March 6. Hey, that's just in time for the big PMA photo convention in Las Vegas, starting March 8th.


What's the big deal? That 14.1-megapixel Foveon x3 sensor uses a unique process that separates the three primary colors, giving it better resolution and more accurate colors. We'll be looking for one of these Sigma SD14 cameras for a hands-on at PMA.

SD14's availability date announcement [Digital Photography Review]

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