Fox finds a way to make science fiction work: a single female lawyer caught between universes

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Fox greenlit a show that blends courtroom drama with multiple universes. A woman's caught between a reality in which she's a trial lawyer, and one in which she's on trial. Fox also recently approved a "supernatural" show from Glee's creator.

In Splitting Adams, "a young prosecutor... finds herself caught between two realities: one in which she is an incredible trial lawyer, and another in which she is the one on trial." For now, Fox has just ordered a script from writer David Hubbard, 20th Century Fox TV and Imagine Entertainment.

Last month, Fox also approved a new show from Ryan Murphy, creator of Glee and director of Eat Pray Love, and 24 producer Howard Gordon. The show has a supernatural bent, and is a procedural, that's about making people face their worst fears and phobias.


Will one of these shows actually fly? Given the soaring success of Glee, Murphy's new show seems like a sure thing — but a dimension-hopping lawyer also sounds right up Fox's alley. [The Hollywood Reporter]