Foxconn Workers Receiving 20 Percent Salary Increase

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Hon Hai Precision Industry has announced that it will raise the salaries of employees at its Foxconn factory by about 20 percent. The company claims that the raises were planned for a while and aren't in response to recent suicides.

There is no word about when the raises will be implemented or no guarantee that they will in fact help quell the suicide rate, but an employee reached for comment was optimistic sounding:

It may help the suicide situation, because we workers just need money and the financial pressure on us is great. Every little bit helps.


It's worth noting that analysts are remarking that it is not unusual to see salary increases for production workers in the third quarter of the year. [MSNBC]

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Pretty sure if you raise the pay-rate of 400K people by 20% the only thing you help are the small-businesses that surround where these people live because prices will now go up 15-20% too. 400K peeps is waaaay too many to give an across the board raise to. This is just dumb.