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Franchise Based on Action Lab Comics' Spencer & Locke in Development

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Writer David Pepose and illustrator Jorge Santiago, Jr.’s Spencer & Locke is a dark, gritty send-up of Bill Watterson’s classic Calvin and Hobbes comics. It’s the story of a man, his imaginary feline friend, and their quest to solve a bloody murder mystery.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Hitman producer Adrian Askarieh has optioned the film rights to Spencer & Locke and is currently working with the same film studio that produced the Resident Evil films to turn the relatively new comic series into a full-on cinematic franchise.


“I was hooked from the very first issue,” Askarieh told THR. “There is something darkly visceral and uniquely cinematic about what David and Jorge have created.”

Askarieh’s Spencer & Locke project is currently in its earliest stage of development and no details about the first film, cast, or production team has been announced as of yet.


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