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Free Fonero Routers Are Overheating, Melting

Remember those free routers by Fonero? These routers, 10,000 of which were sent out for free recently, are overheating and some actually melting. This video is of a particularly monotone man and his melting Fon experience.

It is also noted that he isn't the only one dealing with some hot fon problems. A lot of users on the Fon message boards are reporting heating issues, none of which seem to be as extreme as this guys', but nevertheless, a melting router is never a good thing. There is no official work from Fonero, but I would probably suggest disconnecting if the router is getting melty or unusually warm.


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FON is investigating the case of this user who reports that his La Fonera WiFi Router has melted due to overheating. More than 125,000 La Fonera WiFi Routers have been activated by FON's users, and this is the first time that FON has received any notice of its routers melting or reaching such extreme temperatures. The La Fonera, like other similar devices, does get warm within its protective casing, but temperatures are within the margins of the normal operating range for WiFi routers. No problems of overheating affecting the casing have occurred to date.

Nevertheless, FON wants to reiterate its highest commitment to quality and security. FON has already spoken with the user and arranged to pick up the defective La Fonera for further investigation and quality control.