Social media really loves Frida, who really stands out with her adorable protection goggles and her blue boots. But Twitter and Facebook have helped spread the misleading stats about what she’s accomplished during this most recent earthquake in Mexico.


In one popular tweet from Fluff Society, it’s claimed that Frida “has saved 52 people so far in Mexico’s Earthquake.” But that’s not quite right.


There are a number of videos on YouTube showing how Frida (who, yes, is named after painter Frida Kahlo) and her fellow canine heroes are trained. And I recommend watching every single one of them.

Seriously, there are a lot of videos.

Frida and her friends are great dogs. But Frida hasn’t rescued 52 people. She’s rescued 12 people alive over her entire career, which is definitely 12 more than I have. So thank you for your service, Frida. We salute you.